mandag 26. november 2012

Ny optimisme i Norway-Heritage

I forrige uke kom meldingen om at Norway-Heritage trengte støtte for å unngå nedleggelse av sin virksomhet. Dette resulterte i så mange former for støtte til dette populære nettstedet at det nå ser mye lysere ut. Børge Solem, lederen av Norway-Heritage, har lagt ut følgende melding på nettstedets eget forum: 

Thank you all very much for all the support and sentiments. I want you to know I am by good health. Please forgive me for having to let you wait a little longer for an update as I am away from home till next week. However, I will just let you know that from the many responses I have had the latest weeks I understand that the site is important to many people and I feel obliged to keep it running. I would like you to know that I have had several responses from individuals and organizations who have offered their possible help and support to keep the site alive. This looks very promising and I now feel pretty sure that Norway Heritage can be continued. 

Børge Solem

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