mandag 11. august 2008

Back Up Your Data!

Yes, I do need to be reminded. After collecting family history material for more than 40 years I am on shaky ground. In case my house burn down a lot will be lost for ever. Thanks to the Genea-Blogging Group Games I will improve in this area. Having experienced one hard disk crash two years ago it was great to reload my data from an external drive which was reasonably up to date. What I need is to get my data out of the house in case of fire etc.

My family knows I am interested in family history resulting in a large number of old family photos in my collection. The most important photos are scanned and distributed on CDs to the family, but there are still big boxes with old family photos that are not scanned. Yes, I know photos cannot be replaced but Rome was not built in one day and I have not retired yet! Yesterday, I backed up all my family history data on two external hard drives. One of them I brought to the office this morning. At least it has improved the situation somewhat and I have completed activity C of the Gene-Blogging Group Games, Back Up Your Data category.

3 kommentarer:

footnoteMaven sa...

Go Vidar - I'm cheering for you in the Genea-Blogger Games!


Vidar Øverlie sa...

Thanks footnoteMaven, these games are excellent for doing tasks I have postponed for a very long time :-)

TorillJ sa...

Very good Vidar. It is important not only to have a backup next to your computer. Bringing one to the office is a very good idea